Saturday, May 1, 2010

Updates from Malawi!

Exciting News!

I heard from Paul the other day with some updates from Malawi. He had received a letter from Chifundo Centre 2 Orphanage thanking us for our visit and our financial donation to their Orphanage. I wanted to post this on my blog and once again thank all of my friends, family, members and staff for their financial donations and support.

I also received some very exciting news from Abigail – the MBC SACCO Manager Paul and I worked with this year. MBC SACCO had merged with another SACCO a couple of years ago and opened their bond from only Malawian Broadcasting Corporation employees to all members working at a company that get paid via payroll deposits. Since the merger, however, the SACCO name remained the same (MBC SACCO). This made it difficult to attract new members from other organizations, because the name of the SACCO made it seem that it was only there to serve MBC employees. Abigail informed me through an email that the member's officially voted to change the name of their SACCO from "MBC SACCO" to "Future SACCO". What a great name!

It sounds like my Malawian friends are doing really well, which is awesome!

That's all for now! Blog ya later,

Robert Christiansen

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